Review of the Ultimate Guide to Text and Phone Game Love Systems’ Braddock and Mr. M

Article by Angel Donovan

The Ultimate Guide to Text and Phone Game is an eBook produced by Love Systems’ dating coaches Braddock and Mr M.

As far as dating coaching companies go, Love Systems is the biggest in the world and the most well known. They are located worldwide and have over 30 dating instructors. The company has had the pleasure to be invited on The Tyra Banks Show and Dr Phil.

I get tons of dating advice for men on a monthly basis and my job is to review all of them. It’s what I do best. Most of them don’t work. Unfortunately. There are millions of sites that claim to have a no-fail solution for the problem many men experience, lack of a dating life. Unfortunately, a great number of these sites are scams and frauds. It is immensely pleasurable for me to find and consume the good ones. “Ultimate Guide to Text and Phone Game” is the ideal product for you. I will talk about the background issue that men have before I continue.

Using proper dating advice results in dramatic improvement of your lovelife. Getting phone numbers from women becomes very easy. Those women react positively sometimes. It’s a pity that a lot of them often get frustrated after getting a girl’s number. One common complaint that guys have is the difficulty in getting the girl to meet them again after they got their phone number. You don’t know how you did it, but she gave you her number and now you are about to call her for a date. Can you relate to this. It can be challenging if you’ve met through unusual methods such as the cold approach.e. Don’t be shy, she may be a stranger now but she can become a good friend or maybe more. Just go and talk to her.

So that is the issue that Ultimate Guide to Text and Phone Game attempts to address. For too long there has been this gap in the world of dating advice, let’s be honest. The only way to improve it is by talking about it. Stop wondering, this is the reason why guys don’t get any results. This ebook covers everything you ever wanted to know. It teaches you how to take a woman’s phone number, how to send her a text, how to phone her, how to invite her for a date and how to build a successful relationship. The 162 pages contain expert advice that will surely help you when you venture into the dating world.

A lot of topics covered in the ebook were very helpful to me. Spending $ 97 on this product seems a bit much for me. The process of going from a phone number to a date is sometimes difficult for guys. You won’t regret buying it for a minute. This problem is very frustrating. This product addresses it in a concise manner.

What makes it so amazing?

The first thing I noticed is how detailed it is. It addresses everything from how to ask for a number to how to set up the meet. When I finished the ebook I looked back at it and realized that it not only talked about my personal experiences and experiences I gained from studying dating science for 8 years. It also had valuable information shared by my peers and 50% additional information. I believe I have covered it all.

By reading this ebook you will become an expert on dealing with complicated situations. Have you ever met a girl, hit it off fabulously, gotten her number only to call her the next day and she barely says two words to you? If this has happened to you, you shouldn’t assume that she doesn’t like you anymore. Maybe you called at a bad time, maybe she was busy, maybe in a bad mood or maybe she was just shy. The dating world can be very tricky. This ebook contains a plan of action that helps you deal with every situation that may arise. We call it the greatest achievement of this ebook but you may call it your safety net. With the use of calibration techniques these experts have designed a system that will show you what do step-by-step.

Mr. & Braddock. M say at the beginning of the book that you shouldn’t count on converting every phone number into a meet. It’s correct. Life is not fair. You may meet the perfect girl but she is dealing with some stuff that prevent her from pursuing a relationship with you. But, bar that, they’ve developed a great approach to minimize those failures.

I have gone over the Ultimate Guide to Text and Phone Game and am pleased to be able to offer you a detailed review of this eBook, an overview of the positive and some other details

If you thirst for knowledge in the dating field we encourage you to check out Love Systems, there is a wide range of reviews to choose from

Angel has a strong interest in the power of self development to transform individuals and organizations. He turned that focus to dating mastery in 2001.

Currently, he is the Founder and Editor of Dating Skills Review, a database of unbiased reviews of dating advice for Men.

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